Mental Health, Stress Management Training

Mental Health & Stress Management Training Programs in Kenya

The well-being and mental health of employees increases productivity and interactions in an organization. As Kenya Motivation Speakers, we give tailored strategies to promote a culture that is equitable and inclusive where employees can thrive professionally, mentally, and emotionally.  Among the major strategies involves creating awareness on matters concerning bias and discrimination, helping organizations significantly improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, and to increase employee well-being, belonging, and morale at work. Request a consultation with Kenya Motivation Speakers for mental health, and stress management training programs.

Mental Health & Stress Management Training Programs Outcomes.

Encourages active employee participation

There is work-life balance

Efficient duties’ delegation

Effective recognition of employee efforts

Well defined employees’ roles

Encourages respect among team members

Encourages continuous and effective learning

Effective recognition of employee efforts

Both individuals and organizations succeed

Who should join the Mental Health & Stress Management Training Program.


Team Leaders




Training Program Duration.

Crush Program (4Hrs)

Executive Program (One Day)

Full Doze ( 3 Full Days)

Staff Training Photos.

Training Testimonials.

Sales Training Program.

Mental Health & Stress Management Training Course Outline

Growth and Development

Organizational Culture

Civility and Respect

Involvement and Influence

Clear Leadership and Expectations

Work-life Balance

Psychological Protection

Physical Safety Protection

Stress Management

Psychological and Social Support

Workload Management

Psychological Competencies and Demands

Recognition and Reward

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