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Change Management Training Programs in Kenya

The need for organizations to stay competitive in a constantly evolving business world requires the implementation of changes that will affect people, products, and processes. As Kenya Motivation Speakers, we offer change management programs that enlighten organizations on the approaches to use to successfully navigate through change. We aim at helping those who contribute actively and proactively to the change process. A well-skilled and trained team is crucial for your organization to exploit opportunities associated with change transformation. Request a consultation with Kenya Motivation Speakers for change management training programs.



Change Management Training Outcomes.

Increases morale among workers

Job enrichment

Crush Program (4Hrs)

Encourages teamwork

Increased organizational productivity

Maintains organizational effectiveness and efficiency

Minimizes the possibility of unsuccessful changes

Reduces time required for change implementation

Challenges are well anticipated and dealt with efficiently

Good alignment of existing resources

Who should join the Change Management Training Program.

Change Managers

Change management teams

Change process owners

Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Emergency CAB

Training Program Duration.

Executive Program (One Day)

Full Doze ( 3 Full Days)

Staff Training Photos.

Training Testimonials.

Sales Training Program.

Change Management Training in Kenya

Leadership skills

Ethics and Norms

Crisis Management

Communication and commitment

Organizational Structure

Change Process

Management Strategies

Training and Organizational Design

Change Impact & Readiness

Stakeholder Engagement

Creativity and Innovation

Finance Management

Team Perfomance

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